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This document constitutes the official agreement between you, the individual subscriber, client, member, user above 18 years of age, and Myflightshubs.com, governing the use of the Myflightshubs.com platform, services, and associated offerings provided by the company. Our website lets users book hotel accommodations and other properties listed on Myflightshubs.com.

The terms and conditions of Myflightshubs.com explain the corporate entity, services provided, and other essential aspects. This contract encompasses all updates, additional conditions, software authorizations, and rules. The policy includes but does not cover the privacy, cancellation, and refund policies.

By continuously using Myflightshubs.com, you can take advantage of the best deals. However, we will notify clients of any updates to the website's terms, policies, or other aspects. You are responsible for reviewing and accepting the terms as presented to you, including any modifications or additions. Failure to accept any agreement may result in restricted access to our services.

Whenever you engage with Myflightshubs.com, you are bound by additional policies, guidelines, or rules applicable to specific services and conditions that may be periodically updated. Every policy mentioned on the website is interconnected with the terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions apply to the services offered by Myflightshubs.com through the website or application and apply to users relying on us for hotel accommodation services.

General: This document serves as an electronic record of the terms, conditions, and rules governed by the legal legislation of the USA. These terms are generated electronically and do not require any digital acknowledgment. The terms and conditions govern the use of Myflightshubs.com services and tools. By engaging with Myflightshubs.com, you agree to abide by these terms, including the policies outlined on Myflightshubs.com.

For the terms and conditions, when the context requires, "you" or "user" refers to any natural or legal person who has agreed to become a website user by submitting registration data while signing up with the website to make hotel bookings. The terms "we," "us," and "our" refer to Myflightshubs.com.

Introduction to Myflightshubs: We are a reputable provider of hotel accommodation services, dedicated to delivering top-notch hospitality. To ensure the best service for our clients, all our partner hotels operate in compliance with legal regulations pertaining to the services they provide.

Eligibility: The content published on the website is not intended for children and is not recommended for individuals below 18 years of age to visit, access, or become website members. Myflightshubs reserves the right to revoke membership and refuse to provide services if we become aware that you are not of legal age.

Client Accountability: You are solely responsible for using Myflightshubs services. Your service is based on your decision and does not create any association between you and our suppliers, programs, or executives.

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If you send any messages or materials to Myflightshubs via electronic mail, such as comments, information, inquiries, suggestions, or others, such communications are and will be considered non-confidential. By submitting such data, you agree to waive any claims that using such information violates your rights, including moral rights, privacy rights, publicity rights, or rights to credit for material or ideas.

All products and services the company provides are subject to payment before booking preferred hotels. All relevant information will be provided to you after successful payment. The company reserves the right to cancel a booking at any time before you arrive at the hotel, with a refund issued to the client for the amount paid at the time of booking, upon investigation of the reasons for cancellation.