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Get To Know LOT Polish Airlines

LOT Polish Airlines, often referred to as LOT, is the national flag carrier of Poland. With a rich history from 1929, LOT has evolved into a modern and competitive airline that provides domestic and international flights.

Renowned for its exceptional service, LOT strives to deliver high professionalism in every aspect of its operations. Constantly improving its fleet and expanding its route network, the airline offers passengers an extensive choice of destinations, ensuring convenience and top-notch comfort during their travels.

Furthermore, LOT embraces technological advancements by introducing state-of-the-art aircraft equipped with innovative features and amenities that cater to the needs of today's demanding travelers.

As a member of Star Alliance, the largest global airline alliance, LOT maintains strong relationships with partner airlines worldwide, further enhancing connectivity and creating seamless travel experiences for its passengers. LOT Polish Airlines is a reputable carrier that continuously seeks excellence through efficiency, reliability, and exceptional customer service within the aviation industry.

LOT Polish Airlines Routes

LOT Polish Airlines operates flights to over 40 European, Asian, and American destinations.

  • Warsaw - Miami
  • Warsaw - New York
  • Warsaw - Toronto
  • Warsaw - Chicago
  • Warsaw - Los Angeles
  • Warsaw - Tokyo
  • Warsaw - Seoul

Lot Polish Airlines In-flight Amenities

Lot Polish Airlines offers a range of in-flight amenities designed to provide passengers with a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.

Upon boarding, each passenger is greeted with a warm smile and provided with a complimentary pillow and blanket to ensure maximum relaxation during the flight.

The airline also offers an extensive menu of delicious, chef-prepared meals that cater to various dietary preferences, including vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Passengers can also enjoy a wide selection of beverages from the fully-stocked bar, ranging from refreshing soft drinks to premium spirits.

For entertainment, Lot Polish Airlines provides individual seat-back screens featuring various movies, TV shows, music albums, and games for passengers to choose from.

The airline offers Wi-Fi connectivity on select flights so that travelers can stay connected or catch up on work while in the air.

Lot Polish Airlines Seats

Business Class: Lot Polish Airlines offers a luxurious and top-notch flying experience with their Business Class service. From the moment you step on board, you will be greeted by a friendly and attentive cabin crew dedicated to making your journey comfortable and enjoyable. The spacious seating arrangement provides ample legroom and ensures a restful flight, allowing you to work or relax in style. The fine dining experience in Lot Polish Airlines' Business Class is exceptional, with a wide range of gourmet meals prepared by talented chefs using fresh and high-quality ingredients. Additionally, travelers can access an extensive selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the flight. With Lot Polish Airlines.

Premium Economy Class: The remarkable Premium Economy Class caters to travel enthusiasts seeking enhanced comfort and convenience. With spacious seating and ample legroom, passengers can relax in style throughout their journey. The adjustable headrests and footrests ensure maximum comfort during long-haul flights, promoting much-needed relaxation. Adding to the overall sophistication are the delectable menu options, crafted with care by renowned chefs, providing an exquisite culinary journey at 30,000 feet.

Economy Class: The economy class features generous and comfortable legroom, especially compared to other airlines in this price range. The seats are also quite ergonomic and provide adequate support for longer flights. Another perk that sets them apart is their attentive and friendly staff, who go above and beyond to meet your needs.

Lot Polish Airlines Check-in Options

Online Check-In: From the comfort of your home or wherever you really fancy, you can skip long lines and print your boarding pass hassle-free. All you have to do is visit the official website and click on the check-in tab. The requirement is to submit the requested details for generating boarding passes instantly without spending much time and effort.

Mobile Check-In: If you're a tech-savvy traveler with a smartphone in hand (who isn't these days?), then the mobile app check-in is just what the airlines provide. Download their reliable mobile app and effortlessly breeze through the check-in process with just a few taps. Just follow the app instructions to avoid any delay while doing check-in. Once the details are verified and everything is in place, you will get the boarding pass without standing in a long queue or waiting hours.

Airport Desks: The Lot Polish Airlines airport desks check-in service is a well-organized and efficient process that aims to provide passengers with a seamless start to their journey. At the check-in desk, passengers can expect professional and courteous staff trained to handle various aspects of the pre-flight procedures efficiently. This includes checking passports, issuing boarding passes, and providing information about baggage allowances and security regulations. The airline's commitment to customer service is flawless, making their check-in process faster, and ensuring minimal waiting time for passengers.

Airport Kiosks: Lot Polish Airlines has made efforts to modernize their check-in services by introducing self-service kiosks at selected airports for additional convenience. These kiosks allow passengers to obtain their boarding passes independently, further streamlining the overall check-in experience.

How to Book Lot Polish Airlines Flights?

  • Visit the Lot Polish Airlines website (lot.com).
  • Select your route and enter your travel details.
  • Select your preferred flight and click the "Book Flight" button.
  • Enter your personal information, including name, passport number, and contact details.
  • Selecting preferred payment method and provide the payment details.
  • Review your flight details and confirm your booking.
  • Print or save your booking confirmation for your records.
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